Lightweight Folding Powerpack

Lightweight Folding Powerpack

Sunrise empulse R20 Folding Power Pack
Revolutionary, lightest, foldable pushing aid for manual wheelchairs
The Sunrise empulse R20 is a foldable push device for manual wheelchairs making it even easier to move forward, whether that be uphill, downhill or longer distances. The R20 supports the attendant pushing the wheelchair in lots of everyday situations where you may have previously struggled. Not only is the R20 power pack the only foldable option on the market, attached to or separated from the wheelchair, it is also extremely lightweight. At only 3kg and complete with a handy back pack it makes this an incredibly practical and easy choice when wanting something for transportation. Powered by a 1.5kg powerful 5.8Ah lithium ion battery the R20 offers the user a range of up to 15km and a recharging time of 4.5-5hrs.

Lightweight Folding Powerpack Features

  • Incredibly lightweight at only 5kg
  • Easy to transport
  •  Can be folded while still attached to the wheelchair
  • Powerful brushless motor with Lithium Ion Battery
  • Easy on/off controls
  •  Quick release controls
  •  Easy speed adjustment (2/3.7/5km/h)
  •  Puncture proof durable tyres
  •  4.5-5 hours charging time
  •  Range of up to 15km

Lightweight Folding Powerpack Specification

Maximum User Weight:2 /3.7 / 5km/h
Max Range:15km
Max Slope:10 degrees / 18%
Weight of Battery:1.5kg
Weight of Motor & Brackets:3kg
Total Weight Incl. Battery:4.5kg
Max Kerb Climbing:50mm
Charging Time:4.5-5hrs
Battery:Lithium Ion 5.8Ah / 36v (209Wh)
Wheelchair Seat Height:410 – 510mm
Wheelchair Seat Width:340 – 600mm

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