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Sunrise Sapphire 2 Mobility Scooter

The Sunrise Sterling Sapphire 2; a top performing mid-range scooter that crosses over as a lightweight transportable scooter.
The Sunrise Sterling Sapphire 2 is a great all-round mobility scooter. Retaining an exceptional reputation as a top performing lightweight transportable scooter while crossing over from a mid-range 4mph scooter.


A transportable mobility scooter with the flexibility to split into 4 pieces while still offering a longer 19-mile range between charges with the ability, performance and legroom of pavement scooters.
This is a mobility scooter that offers the user the flexibility of being able to split it in to 4 manageable pieces to allow for transportation or storage, yet it still has the ability and performance of a pavement style scooter. The Sapphire 2 offers an impressive 19-mile (30km) range between charges allowing you to travel further without worry. This mobility scooter has an ergonomic floor panel which provides much more legroom than other transportable scooters by allowing the user to place their feet either side of the steering tiller.


A portable scooter that is user friendly to take apart without the hassle of plugs or cables to make transporting and storing simple and easy.
The Sapphire 2 offers a key advantage of how user friendly it is to take apart without the hassle of plugs or cables. The seat can be lifted off the scooter, you can remove the batteries separately if required and the rear section of the scooter can be detached using the one touch Sterling lock. All this makes transporting and storing this mobility scooter much easier. Plus, it goes back together just as smoothly!


The Sapphire 2 has LED lighting and delta handle bars; this scooter is a great combination of portability with exceptional manoeuvrability indoors and outdoors.
The Sapphire 2 is fitted with super bright and low energy LED lights ensuring you can always been seen and the road ahead is well lit when out on your travels. It also comes with ergonomically designed delta handle bars to make steering this scooter effortless even for those with limited dexterity. This mobility scooter offers a great combination of portability with exceptional manoeuvrability both indoors and outdoors.

Sunrise Sapphire 2 Mobility Scooter Features

  • Highly visible front LED lights
  • 23st weight capacity
  • 19 mile battery capacity
  • Two speed ranges for increased safety and performance
  • 35Ah batteries

Sunrise Sapphire 2 Mobility Scooter Specifications

Total width59cm (23.2”)
Total length121cm (47.6″)
Seat Base Height50-62cm (19.7″/24.4″)
Maximum speed6.4kmh (4mph)
Total weight79kg (174.2lbs)
Range19 miles (30.6km)
Max user weight150kg (23.6st)

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